The Clarity Commandment

The Clarity Commandment

Clarity is as important as a persuasive message.

When writing sales copy, I write the complete piece and then go back and edit, edit, edit. I constantly challenge myself to read it through the perspective of someone who may not know the product, the premise, or the promise, and needs to be carefully led from point A to Point B, C, D, or E.

And then I apply the #1, final test – a test that I recently learned from a friend who is one of the world’s leading copywriters. And I can’t believe I never thought of it myself.

I read it out loud. That way both my eyes and my ears are alert for lapses in clarity.

Try it — it works! You will never break the Clarity Commandment again.

Author: Claire Stoddard

Copy & Content Writer. Author. Speaker. I WRITE THE WORDS THAT SELL.