Do You Close the Deal Every Time? If Not, You Need This!

Do You Close the Deal Every Time? If Not, You Need This!

Writing an irresistible call to action is as much an art form as a science. In my 30 years of writing and critiquing sales copy, I’ve noticed 3 deadly mistakes marketers make when creating calls to action.

  1. No urgency
    Too many marketers make an offer and leave it up to me, the reader, when to respond. What happens? I put it off and forget the offer three minutes after reading it. Solution? Add immediacy to your request – such as, seating is limited, sale ends Friday, prices go back up next week.
  2. Too Many Contact Options
    Don’t tell me that I can visit Facebook, call your telephone, text, or visit your website. I just get confused – and don’t respond. You as a marketer need to give me one specific thing to do – for instance respond to this email. Otherwise, I might drift away, never to contact you.
  3. Too Much Corporate Gobbledygook
    What is gobbledygook? You might not be able to define it, but I’m betting you know it when you see it.
    Basically it’s words like:
  • Next Generation
  • Robust
  • Cutting Edge
  • Ground Breaking
  • Best of Breed

Over-used and abused, these terms plant you squarely among the undistinguished masses.

Author: Claire Stoddard

Copy & Content Writer. Author. Speaker. I WRITE THE WORDS THAT SELL.