Hi. I’m Claire Stoddard – Sales and Internet Copywriter. I built my copywriting service on my passion to help business owners and marketing directors,
dying to scream their awesomeness from their websites, sales letters, and social media – and without the time, or the right words to make it happen.

If you have a product or service and you need copy that sells

Enthusiastically … Conversationally … Persuasively

That would be us. We specialize in “copy-selling” and hacking into your target market’s brain to find the language they use to talk about what they want. (BTW … you need this language to sell anything.)

At this point, you may be thinking about working with us, but you would like to learn more before you take that big step.

So here goes …

Who do you write for?

Small business owners who are brilliant at what they do, but when it comes to writing copy – they either don’t have the time, or would rather have root canal than re-write their website or create a batch of sales materials.

Small businesses
Most of our client companies are in the $1 million – $25 million revenue range, with 3-10 employees, and sell business to business (B2B). Typically, we are hired by the President or founder, who is driven to be successful – and is successful. Now he or she wants to go to the next level and create a marketing program, but doesn’t want to take on marketing staff. That’s where we come in.

Solo Entrepreneurs
One of our favorite opportunities is to work with solo entrepreneurs who need help launching a start-up. They have lived, breathed, and put everything they have into the new venture, and now they need every word of their website, sales sheet, and introductory announcement to be just right! Us again.

If you have a high-octane value proposition, world-class customer service, and a passion for your business, then we would like to write for you.

Our Promise
We will bring your story to life, find the perfect language that leads to “yes,” and win you friends and prospects at the same time.

What problem do you solve?

Picture this: a potential customer visits your website or opens your email or starts to read your sales letter.

Are they immediately captivated with powerful, persuasive sales copy – copy that is never manipulative, but rather reverberates with words they have probably used themselves?

Or are you communicating all the right ideas, but the copy is stale, disjointed, filled with jargon, and mind-numbingly boring? Or even worse, sleazy or over-hyped.

Let me ask you – what do you think is the most important element of marketing and communications?

Is it Pictures? Videos? Graphics?

Or is it the Words?

If you could choose only one element for, say, your website. Which would you choose?

We hope you answered “The Words.”

The problem is, of course, coming up with the right words.

And that is the problem that we solve – we find the right words that make a statement, in your unique voice, that resonates with your customer, and paints a picture of your perfect product and service that solves their problem.

What is your process?

By the time a business owner comes to us, they want excellent results FAST. In order to accomplish that, we have created a process that takes as little of the client’s time as possible, and gives her or him the sales copy they need.

So … once we agree that we are the perfect writing resource to help skyrocket your business, the following takes place:

You receive a letter of agreement, outlining the project and your investment. We usually ask for a 50% retainer payable with the signed letter.

While that is going on, we review any materials that you provide about your product that accurately describes customer benefits, product or service, channels of distribution, etc.

Discovery Call
Once we receive the letter of agreement, we set up a discovery telephone call, which usually takes about an hour. There can be one, two, or three client representatives on the call.

During the call, we deeply explore your target market’s purchase motivators, emotional triggers, problems (inconvenient … annoying … agonizing), desired outcomes, and the blessed relief they feel from problem solved!

Following that call, we go to work. We usually like to have at least 2-3 weeks for any assignment. That gives us time to edit, revise, and polish until we’re happy with every word. The reality is that most businesses need faster turn-around than that. Just let us know your deadline and we’ll do everything we can to meet it.

First Draft
Based upon input received, we create a first draft of your sales copy, which is comprehensive, cogent, and resounds with words that appeal to your customer. By the time we email this draft to you, we are happy with it and believe it truly represents your business.

Revised Copy
However, upon review, you may feel like you would like to make some changes, massage some of the wording a bit, even add a section.

No problem.

As long as you don’t change the actual assignment, we make all changes FAST, and without additional cost.

We can even do a third round polish, if need be. The main thing is we want you to be happy with every word, and really believe that the words epitomize who you are, and what you mean to your customer.

Graphic Design
Once you have approved final copy, you may want to send it to a graphic designer to create a website, email template, or post onto social media. We are happy to work with a designer of your choosing if there are any tweaks that need to be made to fit in with the design format. Or we can recommend designers who we have worked with and thoroughly trust.

Claire, what are your qualifications?

I began my career as a copywriter for ABC-TV and wrote dozens of pieces of ad copy, promotions, and sales material to sell time-on-the-air. Prior to opening my own business, I was Senior Vice President of Marketing for Drake Beam Morin, a global consulting firm, and was a writer and events coordinator for special advertising sections, BusinessWeek Magazine.

My background as a senior marketing executive and copywriter gives me a unique background for understanding deeply-felt customer needs, and writing the magnetic words that catch their attention, resonate with them, and encourage them to buy from a trusted source – YOU.

Do you have any other services?

Although we passionately and happily write for a living, we do offer additional services for some amazing clients who run incredible businesses. These are:

Marketing Strategist
Sometimes our clients ask us to help them plan marketing campaigns that generate maximum response. When that happens, we act as consultants, and provide marketing plans, timetables, rollout strategies, and even facilitate brainstorming sessions with senior staff.

Copy Critique
It can be helpful to have somebody offer an expert analysis of either an existing piece of copy or a draft in progress. When requested, we deliver a detailed critique of your website, landing page, sales letter, etc., including what works, what doesn’t, and often provide fresh ideas to inject new life into your copy.

Sometimes all you need is a few writing tips to get you started writing your own copy. If that is you, we have written a few ebooks at very affordable prices, and even some “free stuff,” which you may want to check out. We periodically publish more materials, so please keep checking back. Just go to the toolbar at the top of the page and click on Store or Free Stuff.  

In addition, we have a regular blog entitled Jigsaw in which we offer one writing tip, which could be just the piece you’re missing in your sales copy efforts. It’s free, and if you are not already signed up, just click here.

If you are a member of an organization and think your members could benefit from learning more about how to glorify their products or express their own viewpoints through the written word, please give us a call. We can determine exactly what scope, length, and topic would best suit you.

Do you have experience in my field?

We have worked with dozens of clients over a period of 40 years. The chances are we have worked in your field, or something closely related.

What are your fees?

First, let me ask you a question. What is the potential cost of not presenting your business in the way that it deserves? What does it cost not to have powerful, persuasive sales copy that sells your product? Immense, Incalculable, Astronomical

Think about it. What if you’re just one or three sales letters away from being enormously successful?

As you can imagine, every project is different and we need to determine the exact specifications before determining your investment. So for any copywriting assignment (website, sales letter, landing page, article, etc.), just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll quote a price, often within 24 hours.

How quickly can you turn around my project?

We like to have 2-3 weeks to create most assignments. That gives us time to edit, revise, and polish until we’re happy with every word. The reality is that most businesses need faster turn-around than that. Just let us know your deadline, and we’ll do everything we can to meet it.

What happens if we want to revise the copy after seeing a draft?

Just tell us what changes you need and we’ll make them – fast. As long as we receive changes within 30 days of submitting the assignment, and they are not based on a change in the assignment, there is no additional charge for revisions.

So – why not try our copywriting and content writing service for your next website, landing page, email marketing campaign, or sales newsletter. We promise you will be satisfied.

There is never a charge for an initial consultation. And no obligation to buy.