Why the Worst Day of the Week is the Best Email Send Day

Why the Worst Day of the Week is the Best Email Send Day

What day of the week do you dread? If you said Tuesday, you’re not alone.

Surveys show that Tuesdays bring with them the highest amount of professional and emotional stress.

It seems that weekend pleasure helps us coast through Monday, and reality sets in on Tuesday.

Even so, Tuesdays may be the best time to send eMails. Over 17% of all emails are sent on Tuesdays, making it the most popular day of the week to send. And, with an average open rate of 18%, they have the highest opens compared to all weekday sendings.

Saturday actually has a slightly higher overall open rate, but taking into account the amount of personal eMails sent on Saturdays and the low volume of overall sends, Tuesday remains the winner.

Does this mean you should do all your eMail marketing on Tuesday?

No.  But you do have to determine the right time for yourself.  Send times are one of the biggest things you HAVE to test to get right.

Try an A / B test. Send to half your list on Tuesday, and the other half on the day that you get the highest open rates. Then test a weekend sending.

Use your data to make the call.

Author: Claire Stoddard

Copy & Content Writer. Author. Speaker. I WRITE THE WORDS THAT SELL.