Are you a Skimmer or a Cliff Diver?

Are you a Skimmer or a Cliff Diver?

I often help customers build a Brand Plan for Success. Essentially this is a detailed plan that states where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and the metrics to determine if you’re successful.

So that you can build your own Brand Plan, here are the TEN ESSENTIALS:

  1. Get Feedback From Customers This may require a customer survey or at the very least a number of client lunches. But the main thing is to find out what your client wants – not what you want to provide.
  2. Focus on A Main Customer Problem Once you know what your customers want, choose the problem or problems you are best equipped to solve and build your brand around it.
  3. Follow Trends Keep on top of trends, both for your own industry and other allied
    industries. Track on social media or wherever people within your industry go for information.
  4. Know Your Brand Differentiator This is the core of your business. What is it that you offer or do that makes people want to buy from you rather than a comparable service from your competitor?
  5. Know Where Customers Go for Information Do they rely on social media, or prefer to frequent trade shows? Is there a popular LinkedIn group(s)? Wherever your customers gather, be sure to be there offering information, education, and forging relationships.
  6. Identify Words that Customers Want to Hear Then use those words in your marketing messages. Social media is a great place to listen for consumer language.
  7. Set Priorities Create a timetable and stick to it.
  8. Schedule Resources Once you have identified all the key elements of your Plan, check to make sure that you have the resources to implement it. If you don’t, consider outsourcing some of the responsibilities.
  9. Establish Metrics and Track Them This includes increased leads, sales, and/or revenue.
  10. Review. Tweak. Repeat Once you have your structured Brand Plan, follow it, track your success, and tweak where needed.

Author: Claire Stoddard

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