Susan Cox

You are the goddess of words! The whole acronym “Persuade” was so solid and logical that I could see the vision of using it often. When I met Claire, I thought I already had the book of words that sell – Boy were my eyes opened! She puts caring and compassion in her words, adaptable to any industry.

Amazingly valuable.

Ellen Harnett

Lots of great information – great interaction – well organized –
made it simple. Thanks!

Patricia Drain

This is one of the most thorough books on copywriting that I have
ever read, and a valuable resource every time I have to write
copy. Thank you, Claire, for sharing your extensive writing
experience so that we can all sell more, in less time.

Sue Swarzman

Our newest BusinessWeek project, “Creating Digital Dividends” called for a major selling document, and you produced a masterpiece, which resulted in revenues of over $2 million. 

Albert Baker Fund

I love working with Claire. She is fast, she is good, and she gets the job done. You don’t have to worry about details with Claire–she has such a depth of experience and expertise that she can quickly size up a project and start running with it.