Sales Letter Blueprint: Webinar Recording


Now you can learn how to create the most effective sales letters that will  double, even triple sales for next to nothing.


Write Cash-Generating Sales Letters –Every Time!

I am super excited that you’re reading this.

After being in business for many years, I have literally been through every up and down there is. Since I’ve been helping my clients make money with my sales copy, it has become clear to me that most business people have never been taught how to write a good sales letter.

You’re creative. You can build products and services. You can market to your customer. But when it comes to creating sales materials that close deals, it starts to be a struggle.

And it may just not be feasible to hire a professional writer for every sales piece.

I started my journey two decades ago. I loved to write and I had a passion for helping my clients. But I didn’t have a systematic method for writing WORDS THAT SELL.

I started to read articles about sales, and most particularly the psychology of persuasion. I started applying what I read to writing sales copy.

Out of that came a formula for writing sales messages that worked every time. It was based upon the psychology of persuasion as taught by some of the top psychologists and best-selling authors at work today. It worked for me. It worked for my customers.

And now I’m going to offer you a formula guaranteed to help you increase income, grow your business, and keep making more money.

In this video, I am going to walk you through my 8-step blueprint for writing cash-generating sales letters, based upon a PERSUADE acronym. It is guaranteed to increase clicks, conversions, and sales EVERY TIME. And, the best part is, once you have the sales letter blueprint, you can apply it to emails, landing pages, newsletters, even your website.

Just copy and paste my PERSUADE TEMPLATE, and you will be writing infinitely better sales letters – that actually sell IMMEDIATELY.

In this video, you’ll discover

  • A bullet-proof template for writing great sales copy that consistently
  • How I achieved anywhere from 70% to 400% increase in conversion rate using this template
  • How to use the Psychology of Persuasion to move readers from “barely know you” to “like you, trust you, buy from you”
  • The secret to preconditioning readers to believe you even before they hear your BIG CLAIM

Who is this formula for? Honestly, if you’re reading this, it’s for you.

Or if you’ve ever spent hours pouring your heart and soul into a sales letter or presentation and then sit there with the sinking feeling that it’s not good enough.

Or if your own sales writing needs an infusion of energy and creativity.

Or if you want to make sure that you have the right structure and elements in place.

Or if you’ve solved these problems in the past by hiring expensive copywriters, and would just like to take a crack at doing some of your own work.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • How the world has changed, and how to “electrify” the way you communicate your information, training, teaching, or service in order to excite people, generate more sales, and keep people engaged longer
  • The 3 core “experiences” that will transform your sales writing into “marketing machine” because your customers LOVE them and want to spread the word!
  • The #1 strategy for closing sales and making more money IMMEDIATELY
  • Your very own SALES LETTER BLUEPRINT GUARANTEED TO SELL, and step-by-step instructions for making it work for you.

Floods of new customers –
GIANT results –
Lifetime customers who buy everything you sell –

All of this is not only possible, but probable when you use your SALES LETTER BLUEPRINT GUARANTEED TO SELL.

We live in a digital world, and communicate more in writing than in person. In order to be successful in business, we have to know how to write WORDS THAT SELL.

If you are determined to succeed in business, attract more customers, and make the money you deserve for all your efforts, powerful sales letters that bring in business are not only “a” solution. They are “the” solution.

Susan Cox

You are the goddess of words! The whole acronym “Persuade” was so solid and logical that I could see the vision of using it often. When I met Claire, I thought I already had the book of words that sell – Boy were my eyes opened! She puts caring and compassion in her words, adaptable to any industry.

Amazingly valuable.

Susan Cox
Dream It, LLC