6 Questions That Will Tell You if Your Website is Attracting Customers

6 Questions That Will Tell You if Your Website is Attracting Customers

Websites are unique. They’re not the same as print or other offline media.

When it comes to the corporate website, the challenge is attracting and maintaining attention in a world in which humans have shorter attention spans than goldfish.

Maybe your job description doesn’t include writing website copy. But if you’re in management, you still need to be able to look at your corporate site and see if it meets your goals or not.


Here is a 6-point checklist for evaluating your site.

1. Do you know the primary reason prospective customers visit your website – and do you blaze an unmistakable digital trail to that information?

2. Do you earn readers’ trust by providing fresh streams of content relevant to their interests?

3. Is it super easy to find whatever it is you’re selling, and is your sales copy compelling enough that it inspires a purchase – right now!

4. Is your website about your customers and their problems (Note: avoid the inclination to make your website about you and your solutions.)

5. Do you take every possible precaution to keep visitors from getting lost?

6. Does your site fulfill a specific business objective?

If you answered every question with a resounding YES! – Congratulations!

Any NO’s, your site probably needs work.

Do these issues apply to every website? Pretty much. Multi-page websites present interesting challenges. They coexist with robots, big data, the constant threat of being hacked, visitors who are like wild animals looking for quick easy meals (information), and algorithms that reign supreme.

Unlike other media, they are the epitome of reader choose-your own-adventure, with visitors going backward/forward – in/out with very few controls in place.

With the advent of search engine optimization, tracking software, and metrics that test site viability, we know results almost instantly, and can quickly tell when a website is converting visitors to leads and sales – or falling flat.

Author: Claire Stoddard

Copy & Content Writer. Author. Speaker. I WRITE THE WORDS THAT SELL.