“My name is Claire Stoddard and I’ve spent my entire career as a B2B sales copywriter. My passion is to write amazing content that captures attention, stimulates interest, and positions my clients as the go-to-companies in their niche.”
  • If you run your own business
  • If you are a corporate marketing director
  • If you are a nonprofit
  • If you sell business to business
  • If you are a consultant, author, coach, speaker…


Copywriting, Copy Critique & Marketing Strategy.

Is there one thing that could turn your business around? Can we point to just one thing that will increase your revenue — right away? It’s GREAT Copywriting. I’m Claire Stoddard and this is a subject that I’m passionate about because I know it works. I know the difference great copywriting makes. I’ve written persuasive copy. And I would be honored to do it for you.

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Simple Secrets For Creating WORDS THAT SELL by Claire Stoddard

How to sell 200% more with your next piece of copy than you did all last year

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